What I do

Every business has different needs and opportunities, but some of the improvements I typically deliver are…

Make your systems work together properly

There will be nagging problems that make your online store a pain to manage c# blob 다운로드. Perhaps your stock is constantly going out of line because of being shared with a physical shop. Maybe you don’t have a good way of making sure all your customers end up on your mailing list 추억의 노래. Maybe you are paying over the odds for Google advertising because you can’t spare the time to optimise your ads.

Set up templates you can easily use

Email newsletters are one of the most powerful tools for increasing online revenue 손펌프. But unless you have the skills, they can take too long to send regularly — and if you have to use an agency to build each one, they get expensive 어도비 리더. I can help you build flexible templates which you can edit yourself (no coding required).

Build automated routines that generate revenue

Welcome programmes when customers join your mailing list Download Treasure Island? Refer-a-friend promotions? Automatic product recommendations? There are countless automated routines that, once set up, will just run continuously, generating passive revenue at little or no cost Birth of The Mystic Apartment Ghostball.

Generate a superb first impression

Your homepage and your about page are instrumental in persuading potential customers to trust you and buy from you chrome extension. It’s vital to make sure these pages send the right message and establish your credibility. I help brands craft their message to online customers, and put this into words (and pictures) to communicate it clearly and powerfully 맨 온 파이어 다운로드.

Automate reports to give you the information you need

Unless you’re a professional analyst, the vast amount of data available from your online shop may be overwhelming Animal Kingdom. We can work together to identify the data you need to see, and set up automated reports to email you with whatever frequency you require.